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At HT we have two basic fee structures.

The fee for our Homework Help service is only $30 per hour. To use this service just send us your questions and we will reply promptly letting you know how long it will take and how much it will cost to solve your problem. Once you accept the fee, we will provide you with step-by-step solutions and complete explanations. This service has a money-back guarantee (see Terms of Service for complete details).

In addition to our Homework Help service, we can also provide live Online Tutoring. We are available for online tutoring sessions using MSN, ICQ or Microsoft Netmeeting. (These programs can be downloaded for free.) The cost for this service is $30 per hour and is calculated in half-hour increments. The minimum tutoring session is one hour. This service also comes with a money-back guarantee (see Terms of Service for complete details).

Each of our tutoring services allows you to receive effective instruction in the comfort and quiet of your own home at session times which are most convenient for you. Whether you live in New York, Texas or any location around the world, effective, personalized tutoring help is only an email away.