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Electronics Department

Do you want to extend your knowledge in teaching Electronics? Or maybe you have to many problems and need help with electronics homework? Why not contact our team tutors to help you make sense of your problems. We try to make your complex problems simple to understand. We pay close attention to analytical solutions: a good formula is often much better than the most precise numerical computation.

Our teachers can assist you in various fields of Electronics, such as linear circuits, solution of differential equations for steady state and pulse processes, physics of semiconductors and semiconductor devices from general type rectifier diode to high-speed integrated circuits, nonlinear systems, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, as well as electronic measurements. Our highly-educated and well-experienced specialists can easily help you to solve all the problems. Their help will be prompt and very useful.

Remember, whether you need help finding solutions for your problems or just need a little expert device contact us today. We work today for your success tomorrow!

Our electronics tutors will reply within 12 hours of receiving your homework problem. If you do not hear from us, it means we did not get your message. Please call or resend your problem.

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The rates our tutors are guaranteed. For only $20.00 per hour, our highly qualified specialists will help you with all your electronics homework needs. You will never be charged more than our written estimate. Please feel free to contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate of your tutoring needs.

Our service has a money-back guarantee that ensures your satisfaction.

Contact us today for a no-obligation, free estimate for all your work.

Email: tikhonov10@homeworktutoring.com
Fax : 1-815-550-8585

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Department Head
Assoc. Prof. S. Tikhonov
Email: tikhonov10@homeworktutoring.com

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Subjects we are tutoring:

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Electronic Engineering
Electronics I - II
Digital Electronics
Electronic Circuits
Electronic Devices
Electronic Circuit Design
Electronic System Design
Microelectronics Design
Communication Systems
Microwave, Electronic and Opto-Electronic Devices
Major Circuit Components Design and Application
Analogue/Digital Filters
Signals and Systems
Digital Systems
Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices
Digital Systems Engineering
Solid-State Sensors and Actuators